AYFB S01E08: JJAMZ – The Karaoke Edition

Season 1 Episode 8 : JJAMZ Don’t worry, if you don’t know how to pronounce the name of this week’s band, there’s a whole YouTube video on people butchering it to teach you how. This week, Jenn tries to convince Alex of the merit of the Super Group JJAMZ, and there is much (drunken) discussion […]

AYFB S01E07: The Mountain Goats “This Never Happens To Us”

Season 1 Episode 7 : The Mountain Goats After a brief break for the festive season, Jenn and Alex are back for 2018. This time, they delve into a band that 1) you might have heard of before and 2) you actually have a chance of seeing perform live – even if you don’t live […]