AYFB S01E12: Beach Boys, “Holding Hands on the Beach”

You’ve probably heard of this album, and definitely some of the songs on it, but in this episode Jenn and Alex discuss some of the history behind the making of this iconic album and delve into some deep cuts that you probably don’t remember ever hearing before. The topic of the dreaded Concept Album also […]

AYFB S01E11: Matchbox 20, “How Far We’ve Come”

Season 1 Episode 11: Matchbox 20 Cast your mind back more than 20 years along with Alex and Jenn as they revisit one of the most quintessential mid-90s “alternative” bands. If you remember the 90s even a little, you’ll remember at least one of their songs, even if it’s buried in the back of your […]

AYFB S01E10: Patrick Wolf, “Coming Out of the Shadows”

Season 1 Episode 10: Patrick Wolf, “The Magic Position” After a long break that is not even remotely discussed in the podcast, Alex and Jenn get back on the horse with Patrick Wolf, a British singer-songwriter who can be most kindly described as moody. Delving into some really great word-play, there is a lot of […]