AYFB S01E13: Elliott Smith, “Pop Music For Depression”

This week, Alex and Jenn delve into one of those artists who has informed so much of the alternative musical landscape, Elliott Smith. He departed from this world far before his time, but he left behind a back catalog that will mostly set you into a tailspin if you listen to the lyrics, but can […]

AYFB S01E12: Beach Boys, “Holding Hands on the Beach”

You’ve probably heard of this album, and definitely some of the songs on it, but in this episode Jenn and Alex discuss some of the history behind the making of this iconic album and delve into some deep cuts that you probably don’t remember ever hearing before. The topic of the dreaded Concept Album also […]

AYFB S01E11: Matchbox 20, “How Far We’ve Come”

Season 1 Episode 11: Matchbox 20 Cast your mind back more than 20 years along with Alex and Jenn as they revisit one of the most quintessential mid-90s “alternative” bands. If you remember the 90s even a little, you’ll remember at least one of their songs, even if it’s buried in the back of your […]

AYFB S01E10: Patrick Wolf, “Coming Out of the Shadows”

Season 1 Episode 10: Patrick Wolf, “The Magic Position” After a long break that is not even remotely discussed in the podcast, Alex and Jenn get back on the horse with Patrick Wolf, a British singer-songwriter who can be most kindly described as moody. Delving into some really great word-play, there is a lot of […]

AYFB S01E09: Vasco Era, “When They Titled Songs Weirdly”

Season 1 Episode 9: The Vasco Era In another edition of Obscure Australian Artists, Jenn and Alex delve into the world of little-known Apollo Bay band The Vasco Era. Best known for supporting Wolfmother at some show in London, our fearless podcast hosts got to know them the old fashioned way: stalking every gig they […]

AYFB S01E08: JJAMZ – The Karaoke Edition

Season 1 Episode 8 : JJAMZ Don’t worry, if you don’t know how to pronounce the name of this week’s band, there’s a whole YouTube video on people butchering it to teach you how. This week, Jenn tries to convince Alex of the merit of the Super Group JJAMZ, and there is much (drunken) discussion […]

AYFB S01E07: The Mountain Goats “This Never Happens To Us”

Season 1 Episode 7 : The Mountain Goats After a brief break for the festive season, Jenn and Alex are back for 2018. This time, they delve into a band that 1) you might have heard of before and 2) you actually have a chance of seeing perform live – even if you don’t live […]

AYFB S01SP1: Christmas Music That Doesn’t Suck

Season 1 SPECIAL EPISODE: Christmas Music (That Doesn’t Suck) At this very special time of the year, radio stations are playing the same five crappy Christmas songs on repeat. Alex and Jenn get together and drink their Christmas Gin (thanks, Four Pillars!) and discuss their favorite untraditional Christmas songs. And yes, they might mention the […]

AYFB S01E06: Timothy James Bowen, “Having Babies Under Magonlia Trees”

Season 1 Episode 6: Timothy James Bowen We apologize for the continuation of our series of Obscure Australian Artists, but only a little. In Part 4 of OAA, Alex & Jenn introduce us to a songwriter with plenty of stories to tell – some will make you laugh, others will make you cry and, most […]

AYFB S01E05: Good Evans, It’s Adult Contemporary

Season 1 Episode 5: Bob Evans In Part Two (of many) of Obscure Australian Artists, Alex and Jenn cover an artist that might sound to you like a comfort food restaurant but to Australians sounds like Adult Contemporary. They also discuss whether nor not “Adult Contemporary” is an insult.   Check out Good Evans, It’s […]